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I am speaking directly to all Patriots today, to give you as much certainty and clarity as we can, in light of the sudden announcement by the Prime Minister that the General Election will be held on the 10th of August 2020.


The civil unrest we are witnessing in our country is the result of deep seated societal problems and a sense of hopelessness that have plagued our country for generations.

Members of the media, colleagues, fellow patriots, welcome and thank you for joining us today as we announce the decision of the Patriotic Front regarding the upcoming general elections.


 20th August 2019


Last Friday’s announcement by the Chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation (SRC) Glen Ramadharshingh of his decision to terminate 120 workers “due to lack of funds,” and his subsequent retraction on Monday to keep the workers on as a result of “money being sourced from another account,” once again demonstrated the desperate need for Local Government reform.