Members of the media, colleagues, fellow patriots, welcome and thank you for joining us today as we announce the decision of the Patriotic Front regarding the upcoming general elections.

Let me begin first by confirming, we have been in talks with other political parties on the best way forward, and will continue to do so once those discussions are in the best interest of the country.

Whilst we are aware of the challenges a new party will face when contesting a general election, we believe now more than ever it is important to give a voice to those in society who have been longing for real change.

Let me at this stage put to rest the propaganda, that a vote for the Patriotic Front is a wasted vote or will split another parties’ votes. This is absolutely untrue.

We have done a statistical study of the voting pattern in this country using the EBC and CSO statistics, and the voting pattern has shown, that of the two major parties, put together, less that 50 percent of the entire electorate votes for them. It follows therefore that about 50 percent of the electorate do not vote at all.

It is this audience we are appealing to for meaningful change. In doing so, we intend to introduce a new kind of politics into Trinidad and Tobago, namely a politics in which we do not slander, tell lies, shame, mudsling or malign any political party or their members. We have no need for that.

Neither will we do as others have done in past, saying things merely to gain favour, popularity or political power.

But; we shall be fearless and not flinch from our duty to point out the wrong doings, abuses, and the corruption, waste and mismanagement that have brought our country to the sad state in which we now find ourselves.

This exercise is the beginning of fundamental political change.

In the past, so-called manifestos have been nothing but mere promises to the people, because there was no vision for the future. A leader must start with a vision of the kind society we would like to see, and then be able to devise a plan that would bring that vision to fruition.

Our vision in the Patriotic Front, is to organize the society in such a way, that it conduces the greatest happiness to the greatest number of our citizens, with the limited resources available.

It is around this vision we have formulated plans of how we are going to deal with the Covid-19 economic crisis we face, the decline in our energy sector, rising unemployment- as many people have lost their livelihood, lack of food security, healthcare delivery, our education system, the housing crisis and our environment. Those plans, which will include economic diversification and proposed constitutional reform will be revealed as the campaign progresses.

If your only option is to choose between two parties A and B, and you choose to vote for Party A instead of Party B because you say they are less corrupt, your choice when you go to the polls, is to vote for corruption because less corrupt is corrupt. So if you are voting for a party because they are less corrupt then you are voting for corruption. But that was when you had no choice. You have one now.

The Patriotic Front intends to contest the upcoming general elections. In doing so, we recognize that people are fed up with the recycling of the same politicians every five years.

And so we shall contest the election with new, vibrant, intelligent, honest, committed people whose intention is to do good and serve our country with dignity and integrity.

This team will have access to the valuable resource of a committee of experienced persons who ran the country’s most successful government from 1995-2001.

Only then will be able to change the political status quo and bring about the change that our country is crying out for- A safer, fairer, productive, self sufficient, innovative, technologically driven, socially conscious country, where we all could live without fear of discrimination in any form.

And so we would like to announce that today nominations are now formally open for those seeking to represent any of the 41 Constituencies under the Patriotic Front.

You can apply online through our website: or you can collect a hard copy of the nomination form at our head office located at Marie Street, Chaguanas. Please feel free to contact us at 288-5020 or 702-9786 or via social media.

I thank you for your time and we look forward to your support.