The Patriotic Front has been speaking with our nominees, volunteers and supporters to decide the best way forward for the Party.

You will recall a week prior to this announcement the Patriotic Front had announced via a Press Conference, that it was our intention to contest all 41 seats.  Given the overwhelming support, we felt confident that this was an achievable task.

From its inception it has always been the Patriotic Front’s policy to bring meaningful representation to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. We believe this begins by giving a voice to those in every constituency who have been seeking real change, which can only be achieved by bringing together people who believe in, and are willing to work for a better, safer, productive, self sufficient, technologically driven country. 

It has never been our intention to split anybody’s vote, but to appeal to the more than 50% of the electorate, registered and unregistered, who do not vote at all. 

It continues to be our intention to introduce a different kind of politics into Trinidad and Tobago, namely a politics in which we do not slander, tell lies, shame, mudsling or malign any political party or their members or make empty promises to win elections. 

We will not do as others have done in the past, saying things merely to gain favour, popularity or political power.

To achieve this will require us sharing with our target voters our plans to bring this vision to fruition and to give all of our candidates a fair chance in the 2020 General Election.  We do not believe that this can be done in three weeks.  It will not only be an injustice to our young, bright, new candidates but to the country as a whole. The Patriotic Front was not born merely to fight elections, it was born to restructure our society.

Additionally we face the uphill battle of securing campaign financing, in an accountable and transparent manner, which is necessary to put in place the requisite election machinery.

While we were given a variety of options and approached by other parties and politicians we believe we needed to stay true to the principles and foundations upon which our party was built and it is for this reason the Patriotic Front has made the difficult decision not to contest the 2020 General Election but to build our party into a socio-political force to be reckoned with.

Today we call upon all Patriots to join us in every constituency as we forge forward. Let me use this opportunity to continue to thank everyone who was brave enough to step forward and be counted.

We have always said that we are in this struggle for the long term to build a better Trinidad and Tobago. We are a Party that is creative, practical and community minded. We know how to rally and how to look after one another and right now what could be more important than that. I want to reassure you that we haven’t given up, our journey continues.

We look forward to your continued support, to hearing from you, working with you and to building the Patriotic Front family.