The Heart with aspects of our National Flag is representative of the love that we have for our country. Those who adopt the symbol are expected to be committed to genuine national unity and to building our nation for the benefit of all our citizens.

• Honesty- The Party must remain clean, incorruptible, transparent, accountable and lead with integrity.

• Diversity- A Trinidad and Tobago that belongs equally to all citizens where every individual, regardless of colour, creed, race, age, gender, religion, disability and political affiliation is assured of equality and non-discrimination.

• Meritocracy- A system that provides citizens with equal opportunities to progress, and for a person's contributions to be recognised and appreciated on the basis of merit.

• Economy- A strong and diverse economy that prioritizes investment in infrastructure and job growth

• Animals- Humane treatment of animals

• Children and Families- Ensuring vulnerable children and families have the resources they need

• The Environment- Protecting our environment, water resources, and planet for future generations

The vision of the Patriotic Front is to unite our peoples of diverse racial, ethnic, religious, and class identities into a force designed to commit our combined energies to forging the much-desired dream of building a society in which we can all live and prosper in peace, harmony and happiness.

The mission of the Patriotic Front is to build a fair and just society where the benefits of progress are spread widely to all.

Following the overwhelming mandate given by the people of Trinidad and Tobago to form a new political party, the PATRIOTIC FRONT was founded by a group of committed Trinbagonians to improve the lives of all citizens.

Its symbol, the HEART has been assigned to the Party by the Elections and Boundaries Commission.